CableMod SFF Cables

CableMods SFF Cable come in two variations, Silver / Black and are available for wide variety of power supplies. CableMod also offer custom PCIe cables for RTX 3000 & 4000 series graphics cards.


CableMod’s black SFF cables are substantially more rigid than their silver counterparts with thicker cable diameter, making them less flexible.


CableMods silver SFF cables are extremely flexible in comparison to the black SFF cables. They are less bulky with smaller cable diameter and the added flexibility means they can be tucked away and routed through tight spaces more easily.


CableMod SFF Cables are on the expensive side for unsleeved cable, but on positive note, you get some piece of mind from experienced cable makers and very speedy service.

The cables are high quality, and help improve in-case airflow thanks to reduced bulk and custom lengths. This help with installation of bottom / under PSU case fans where standard cables would be too bulky and impede fan installation. This also allows them to be routed under motherboard trays more easily than standard cables.