MSI MAG Trident S

MAG Trident S is a proprietary console style PC from MSI. The R7 5700G CPU is passively cooled using large copper heat pipes, with single single internal case fan for heat exhaust. The Trident S will use SODIMM RAM and have replacing storage via NVME slot.

The Trident S was originally shown at CES 2021, powered by the Ryzen 4750G. This has since been upgraded to the R7 5700G, according to last reports. With the release of Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt) and AM5 coming in early Q3 2022, which both include RDNA 2 graphics. It’s unlikely the Trident S will release with the 5700G as it would be outclassed and outdated before its even off the ground. We stipulate that MSI will opt for Ryzen 6000 mobile APU with RDNA 2 graphics or keep the Trident S in reserve for Ryzen 7000 (AM5). We expect the latter to be true.