PicoPSU Guide

A picoPSU nano power supply, is used to power motherboards, GPUs, and other electronics. These tiny PSU’s are most commonly used in HTPC and ultra compact ITX PCs that cannot accommodate traditional power supplies.

Flex ATX PSU’s and HDPLEX kits are recommended over picoPSU solutions due to similar costs and being better overall solutions. However, using a picoPSU is sometimes necessary, we recommend using PICOBOX model if you require above 200W of power output.

PICOPSUPICO-BOX X3-ATX-300 Mini (Product Link)
AC ADAPTER 330W with 7.4mm *5.0mm connector (Product Link)


Most picoPSUs are 12v, and only compatible with 12v AC adapters, which go upto 240W. These high wattage 12v AC adapters are generally bulky, expensive and more difficult to source.

If your needs don’t require above 200W of power output, the RGEEK 450W paired with 200W 12v AC adapter might be suitable for you. The RGEEK 450W is recommended due to the included connections for Motherboard, GPU, CPU, and Sata. The only compatible 240W AC adapter we could find: LEDwholesalers 12V 20A 240W AC/DC Power Adapter.


When more than 200W of power output is required, the Pico-Box has you covered with wide range of wattages and voltages supported with models upto 500W. These can be paired one or multiple 19v AC adapters which are cheaper, smaller and more modern in most instances vs 12v options.

We recommend using the Pico-Box X3-ATX-300, paired with 19v 200-300W AC adapter. Dell offer a few suitable options with compatible 7.4mm *5mm barrel connector.