Flex ATX to DC-ATX Bracket / Adapter

Flex ATX (1U) to DC-ATX Bracket / Adapter for mounting DC-ATX and Pico PSU power input to cases which support Flex ATX power supplies.

PicoPSU Guide

A picoPSU nano power supply, is used to power motherboards, GPUs, and other electronics. These tiny PSU’s are most commonly used in HTPC and ultra compact ITX PCs that cannot accommodate traditional power supplies. Flex ATX PSU’s and HDPLEX kits are recommended over picoPSU solutions due to similar costs and being better overall solutions. However, using a picoPSU is sometimes necessary, we recommend using PICOBOX model if you require above 200W of power output. PICOPSU PICO-BOX X3-ATX-300 Mini (Product Link) …