The FormD T1 is a modular Mini-ITX case under 10L in volume. FormD T1 comes in two variants, reference & sandwich kit. Case pricing starts at US$195 and is available in multiple variants. The T1 includes some optional accessories, including USB-C kit and side 280mm radiator bracket. Check the FormD webstore for more info.


MODELT1 Sandwich Kit
OVERVIEWCompared to the T1 – Reference Kit, this configuration allows for better graphics card compatibility, more build possibilities, and creativity with builds.

Unlocking the full potential of this configuration makes it ideal for tinkers and power users interested in pushing the limits.
MATERIALS1.5-15mm Aluminum, CNC Machined and Anodized
1-2mm Steel, Powder Coated
DIMENSIONS135 x 220 x 335mm
VOLUME9.95 Litres
CPU COOLER COMPATIBILITY48mm max height with 3.25-Slot GPU
53mm max height with 3-Slot GPU
58mm max height with 2.75-Slot GPU
63mm max height with 2.5-Slot GPU
68mm max height with 2.25-Slot GPU
73mm max height with 2-Slot GPU
78mm max height with 1.75-Slot GPU
83mm max height with 1.5-Slot GPU
88mm max height with 1.25-Slot GPU
PCIe RISERPCIe X16 4.0 or 3.0 Cable
GPU COMPATIBILITYGPUs no more than 140 x 325mm, 3.25-Slot thickNote: Graphics Card depends on CPU Cooler height. See CPU Cooler Support section for more information.
CASE FANS SUPPORTEDTop or Bottom: 1 or 2 x 120mm based on components
Side: 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm based on components
1 x 240mm Radiator
2 x 240mm Radiator (requires a separate kit)
1 x 280mm and 1 x 240mm Radiator (requires a separate kit)

Note: Dual radiator setups require a single slot GPU to fit. Due to the GPU limitation and build complexity, it is not recommended for most people.
SFX-L Power Supply (not recommended with AIO or open-loop water cooling setup)
CASE I/OPower Button
USB-C (requires a separate kit)
CASE REVISIONSV2.1 Updates:Front PanelOnly the Sandwich Kit benefits from this change. Two extra screw holes are added for V2.1 Side Fan + Radiator Bracket Brace. This feature is added for dual radiator builds where the second radiator is mounted to the GPU side.Front Panel Screw Bar SWThis part is only included in the Sandwich Kit. The Power Supply Bracket mounting holes on this bar are now threaded. This allows the SFX Bracket to install more securelyRear Panel SWThis part is only included in the Sandwich Kit. The Rear Panel M19 holes are now through-holes, no longer threaded.SFX Power Supply BracketDescription and images coming soon.GPU Lock BracketsThis part is only included in the Sandwich Kit. The GPU Lock Bars from V2.0 have been replaced with GPU Lock Brackets. These brackets allow for better GPU cable (DP, HDMI) clearance compared to the old bars.PCIe Riser BarDescription and images coming soon.V2.0V1.0 –

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